Former clients

Trees, Inc. – public contracting challenge before
EWEB (Eugene Water & Electric Board of Commissioners)
meeting as Local Contract Review Board

Community Energy Systems (CES) – renewable energy development
Seneca Sustainable Energy – biomass
Strategywise Energy Solutions – renewable energy development
Environmental Technologies International – China trade trip prep, including editing Chinese promo materials
Oregon People’s Utility District Association (OPUDA) – public utilities
Responsible Ratepayers for EPUD (Emerald People’s Utility District) – Pro bono advisor

Land use
Law Office of Bill Kloos – Land use issues

Recycling & material recovery
Container Recovery Inc. (CRinc) [now Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC)]

Public interest & government
Lane County government – Lane County, Oregon
League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR)
American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Business associations
Wine Institute – California wine industry
Driving School Association of Oregon (DSAO) – Teen driver education & hwy safety
Fair Competition Alliance (FCA) – Public contracting
Independent Contractors Research Institute (ICRI) – Construction contracting
Sacred Endings – Consumer rights in burial practices
Natural Options at the End of Life (NOEL) – – Consumer rights in burial practices

Former Associates
Keith Burns
Boe Associates

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